Photographie d'un loup gris montrant les crocs.

The art of regulation

The heated and sterile debates at political level are worrying for the wild world, because if we look at the situation on a global scale, the animal situation on land and at sea is really worrying.

The survival of the animal species depends on our awareness and « respect for Life ».

If we put ourselves for a moment in the place of a hunted animal, the human feeling that dwells in each of us should systematically take over, that’s what we call « compassion ».

However, this elemental compassion is being severely eroded by a fearsome beast called ‘silver’. It is man-made and its power is devastating. Divided into illegal parts to destroy and reign, then distracting from the essential, it gradually becomes invisible in people’s minds.

The art of regulating with respect

In France, it has been estimated that wolves take around 2% of the wild ungulate population. They are therefore unlikely to pose a threat to the survival of their prey.

On the contrary, as selective predators, they appear to play an essential role in purifying and regulating natural balances, as they attack weakened or debilitated individuals. By killing these inferior individuals, wolves gradually improve the health of their prey populations, in particular by ensuring that the reproductive individuals are healthy. After several generations, this selection leads the prey to strengthen their ability to survive in their environment.

In addition, wolves play the role of environmental managers by controlling the number of ungulate prey, whose overpopulation could alter the landscape by over-consumption of certain plant species, but also by influencing their feeding behaviour and their occupation of space.

In short, wolves represent a tangible example of the application of behavioural knowledge to the reasoned management of animal and other populations, in an innate way.

In conclusion, wolves are our allies for the whole of breathing and, above all, they are a reminder that we all have a duty to respect the unity of life that all living beings must support.

Artificial intelligence translation of an original text by Sandrine Devienne
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