Photographie d'une meutes de loups blancs.

The importance of territories

I sometimes think that man disavows the world to which he belongs, rejecting that which is not like him.
If we don’t change our behaviour in the face of the destruction of living systems, the rest of history is likely to be very painful.

Will he really take the trouble to accept that he is only part of the world and not the whole?

Personally, I find it exhilarating to watch other species live and discover the reasons for their existence.

Knowing what is essential in its entirety is a sure-fire way to harmonious personal fulfilment, because we become aware of the elementary law of complementarity that is the unity of life, so the word « respect » can take on its full meaning.

It’s important to have your own territory if you want to feel safe, find your loved ones and get some rest. This applies to everyone, including wolves, who are still hunted down in a mean and unjust way these days.

The abolition of hunting would be a liberation, a way of finding peace, the restoration of a part of Nature, and our health would be all the better for it.

Protection of the territory

A pack’s territory is defended from other wolves. The demarcation of a territory is signalled to other wolves by olfactory marking (urine, faeces, pheromonal secretions) and also by howling. These territorial signals warn wolves from outside the pack that the area is occupied, thus limiting encounters with other packs or isolated individuals.

When an intruder enters an occupied territory, the peripheral « Gamma » and then « Beta » males give the alert to the « Alpha » pair by vocalizing. The Alpha males arrive at the intrusion site and decide whether to let the intruder in or out. These confrontations can lead to conflict, with the dominant pair supported by the rest of the pack.

That’s why, by marking a territory and respecting the territory of others, wolves reduce the risk of getting caught up in a conflict that could reduce their chances of reproducing. When they have a territory, wolves spend less time fighting other packs and have more time to raise their pups and hunt.

Occupying a territory has many advantages. It facilitates access to food and safe places to raise cubs.
Also, knowing every nook and cranny makes it easier to flee in the event of danger.

My life will remain magnificent as long as I know that somewhere, wolves are still breathing.
I admire the fact that they expect nothing from us, for the simple reason that they carry within them the perfect balance.

Our society needs to let go and leave its place to the wild fauna – it’s the only way to a better future.

Artificial intelligence translation of an original text by Sandrine Devienne
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