Photographie d'un enfant observant à la loupe un papillon dans l'herbe.
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Observation ‘is’ ethology

Art and science – An introduction to getting to know each other.

A lot of people ask me this question: you’re an artist and you study ethology, what’s the connection? I’d never really thought about the relationship between art and ethology. They’re two intrinsic passions that have been a natural part of my life for many years. For me, one can’t go without the other. In fact, as far as I’m concerned, one goes very well with the other. It’s a constant learning process, both in terms of the art I practise and the science I study.

Isn’t the most beautiful work in the world our Earth? Its multiple movements, from the most graceful to the most violent, are always educational, thanks to the treasures it shares, the diverse sounds of the wind and rivers, and so on. There’s something for everyone. Personally, nature has always inspired me a great deal when it comes to composing music or writing a text. I observe and create. I’ve been observing since childhood, wondering, learning and loving it.
Observation ‘is’ ethology.

Without observation, there is no questioning, there is no learning

I’d just like to say how sad I am to see that ¾ of the world’s population thinks « the Earth is in a bad way but I’m not responsible ». How sad, as long as the world thinks like that, we won’t be able to move forward and, above all, stabilise the damage caused by chemical and nuclear experiments that have heavily poisoned our planet. As for uninstructed hunting, which is turning our biotopes upside down, nature has been regulating itself for millions of years. Humans don’t need abundance, why should we? It’s appalling that we don’t understand this!

We need to think more along the lines of « the Earth is in a bad way, I’m responsible« , so I take action. And that’s what we’re all doing here.

I’m not inventing anything, it’s obvious. How did it come about? Humans. What can we do about it? By thinking « The Earth is in a bad way, I’m responsible », so I act, again and again.

This lucidity doesn’t allow me to be completely serene, given our past history, as well as that of our present, as regards the future? And given the decisions taken by the government concerning the oldest scapegoat on the planet, the wolf, since we’re talking about wolves here, I’m alarmed about its future and ours.

Since the dawn of time, the wolf has done nothing but survive and adapt to increasingly difficult and violent situations caused by man, if only because of the reduction in its territory, which is where its food comes from. Some people take all this for granted, but not me! Man is taking over everything and the more he takes over, the more he dies. Does he know it? Is he suicidal?

This beautiful blue ball carried by the sun is greying, tired, and bears the scars of a deep wound caused by too many calculated or uncalculated mistakes. The thirst for power never ceases to destroy, when all that’s needed is to give up this obsession with surpassing all other life and accept sharing for the needs of each species.

Have we become puppets? Stricken forms in a deceptive media fog that specialises in hypnotising the rational and existential senses of a nature that is essential to our survival. Let’s hope not!

The wolf, the monstrous beast to be executed whatever the cost, and this despite the evidence it gives of its essentialism for our vital biodiversity. It’s time to put an end to this determination to eradicate a species capable of intelligently regulating and then strengthening the health of other species by making the right choices at the right time. Are we capable of doing this?

I take the responsibility of saying that our Minister of Ecology is incompetent and, above all, dangerous for our future. She has no notion of biology, and I’m not talking about ethology, a science that is not widely recognised in France, and for good reason!

Are we being too observant?

I read in an article not long ago that « our Minister gives authorisations to organise drives against protected species in protected areas« , that’s saying a lot! All this proves that she has no interest in wild nature.

I’m ashamed of this government, yes! I’m ashamed of my own country because of our irresponsible and lying leaders, who abuse their power and cover up the criminality of far too many hunters and, what’s more, endorse this hunt-to-kill lobby. Hunting must be abolished to restore the balance of nature.

Finally, in Italy everything is going very well with pastoralism and its 1,900 wolves.
Where’s the problem in France with its 150 wolves?

Power, did you say power? All the better to kill you, my children!

Artificial intelligence translation of an original text by Sandrine Devienne
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Photographie d'un enfant observant à la loupe un papillon dans l'herbe.

Updated on 4 June 2022: There are currently between 500 and 600 wolves (Canis lupus italicus) in France.
Updated on 9 August 2023: There are currently between 700 and 800 wolves (Canis lupus italicus) in France.

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