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Passions that devour

There are some very peculiar, unjust and devastating passions. But what can we say about the role of our leaders today! Have they lost their minds?

Their obvious hatred for the natural world has become their primary passion.
Have they forgotten essential values, starting with respect for their own species?
In truth, they stopped respecting themselves a long time ago. Where are we heading?

The true meaning of Minister is: servant

Personally, I have the impression that they are using us in every sense of the word. Will they still be able to question themselves? It’s urgent!
We have to be careful, because their all-consuming passions are like a bomb.

Indeed, respect is fundamental and knowledge indispensable. Knowing who we are, knowing our own limits, going beyond them wisely sometimes, is already a big step towards the evolution of each and every one of us, but above all understanding that we can only really rise once we are aware that we are not the only species but A WHOLE WITH WHICH WE MUST COOPERATE.

To stray from this truth is dangerous for our future. Certain actions become excessive and unsuited to reflection on the essential subject, the preservation of wild nature, the one and only importance.

It is necessary to respect nature for its own balance and to remain coherent. It’s also important to respect other living creatures, including the wolf, which is still being hunted down for territorial reasons, as costly projects are underway in the Alpes-Maritimes, the anti-wolf region, not to mention the disease of pride, manufacturing imposture whose only concern is lucre.

Let’s never forget that if the faux-jetons have a passing value, sometimes even a high value, it’s thanks to the people who vote for them, what a mediocre majority! Let’s have the flair to recognise them and not fall into their trap.
Our governments are corrupt, they lie to us, they cry about the crisis to soften us up, let’s talk about the crisis, they are the ones who created it with the money they stole from us to maintain their standard of living.
People don’t understand anything any more, they scatter, they kill without knowing what they are killing and above all without knowing the impact it has.
We are the innocent castaways of an incompetent government.

Our only wealth is Nature; it’s thanks to her that we live. Let’s not be fooled by money. The terrorists who govern us are gluttons. Only the people who suffer can still react.
I don’t believe in politics because politics doesn’t believe in us and it has proved that it only loves money.

Whatever happens, I will never be on the side of the killers, and contrary to what the government says, it was man that terrorised the wolf, not the other way round. Wolves have an exacerbated fear of Man, and it’s so strong that they often die as a result of their considerable efforts to escape in order to survive and remain free. It’s unacceptable!

Preserving wild nature is our only way out, and as Captain Paul Watson so aptly put it, « Political decisions would have to be taken to limit the birth rate (7 billion humans on Earth), but since that’s not going to happen, nature will solve the problem. Once again, nature will solve the problem« .

Artificial intelligence translation of an original text by Sandrine Devienne
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